Saturday, February 20, 2010

i got it!

hye peeeps~

as what the title mention, yes i got it! i have my own car! owh no.. finally!! i am so happy.. even though its just a small car but it means a lot! viva elite-midnight blue-auto~ i love you! even i havent get a chance to drive u yet, i just hope we can get along baby! ngee~

on the other note, i was so close to get myself a boyfriend. haha ;p but it dosent work. its okay. wont give up so easily. will double my effort as i dont have so much time left. hehe ;p

new job~ cant comment about it much as i havent start doing my job yet. yeah i know it has been 2 mths. but dunno la. :((

okay thats all for now~ daa