Saturday, November 27, 2010

That's what we called friends huh?

I was born in the month of November 27 years ago. Yes I am already 27 years old now :) Since my birthday always fall on the school break or semester break so many of my friends will tend to forget my birthday. I was so upset at 1st as me myself will try so hard to remember and wish all my friends (close friends to be exact) on their birthday! be it tru phone calls, MMS, SMS, wall postings or any other means that I can think of. So when it comes to mine when I didn't receive any wishes, that's really upset me as if I was only an option to them. Isn't it so hard to wish one on their birthday? duhhh -_- I might sound a bit self-centered but I do cherish my birthday as a very special day to me! I don't expect the wishes comes from some random friends that I know from FB or whatever, I expect from the ones that really close to me! Do we suppose to remember our close friends birthday, no? Arghhh. I couldn't stand anymore. when there is no wish that's mean no celebration as well! I still can recall when I was in my uni (diploma) only once my birthday fall on during school days. That was on the second last day before my final exam on final sem! At that point of time I was hoping that they will celebrate me for the 1st time ever. Ye la tiap-tiap kali birthday diorang, kitorang celeb. But I was totally wrong man! It never cross to their minds to celebrate me. Instead they suka-suki madikan aku dengan segala benda busuk (maggi.tepung.telur.etc). sanggup tunggu sampai pukul 2-3 pagi just to do that! Oh my.... I was so disappointed T_T Aku tak kisah sangat bab kena mandi tapi at least tak boleh ke raikan SEKALI?? Kalau korang terasa tak? Setiap kali birthday diorang kita berusaha buat surprise party and all. Tapi bila tiba kat kita dah la no birthday celebration let alone a gift! dah la kalau birthday jatuh masa cuti semua lupa. Aku memang sedih. And recently on my birthday, they gathered together. Yes without me! WTF??!! That's really makes me realize where I stand in their life. I was just an option. So this time around no turning back. Aku tekad untuk tidak rapat dengan mereka lagi. Aku tau hati aku ni lama-lama lembut jugak tapi aku cuba. Cukuplah sepanjang 9 tahun berkawan aku asyik kecil hati. Ni dah takde hati dah nak kecik. Enouhg said.

p dot s : thank for for following this blog. ;))

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I hope by looking at this picture over and over again, I'll be more grateful that I have a job! Even though am not loving it but it's still good to have one, right?

p/s : thank you for awarded me babe! and for my blog obviously you're the winner too. .:)