Friday, June 26, 2009


i've got a JOB people! yes! after 7months struggling finding one now i've got it! it suppose to feel great to have one.. yet i feel nothing. i'm not excited as i suppose to be! what happen? okay let me tell ya
~here goes

  1. money factor.. the salary is not that great.. i dont know the exact figure but it is lesser than what i used to receive when i was in cimb & during training.. but what can i say. i really need the job as if i dont care about money. i have to! tsk. :(
  2. this job is not based on my qualification.. even a diploma holder can get it. i am degree holder!
  3. i'm gonna work for long hours. but busy is good rite?
the rest let me keep it myself. hishhhh it was wrong to feel like this. rite?
whatever it is.. i am GRATEFUL...

Friday, June 5, 2009

i'm alone at home. hungry... n feels so miserable! tsk. dunno how to explain.

still looking for a job! can u believe it? i burst into tears at the time i write this. so pathetic! right now i feel like i want to ......! it has been more than 7 months i have no job. I am a degree holder! grade with second upper! why is it so hard for me to have a job! i've been looking for a job all over.
yet still no luck! but my friends who is only diploma holder, only went to a job interview once, n taraaa! she got the job!!! arghhhh.

malas nak taip. aku nak nangis sampai lebam nih. out.