Saturday, July 31, 2010

july update

what would you do if a guy ( duda, anak 2, umur 33 ) approach you? yes u are single lady, age 27.. would you try 1st or would you just stay away from him? furthermore you got to know that he's only being divorced a few mths ago. isnt it too fast to find a replacement? btw thats how i feel now. am just blur what to do. a part of me tell me to ignore him but the other part of me just don't. the voice in my head tell me to give him a chance. but me, being me already thinking way ahead... for example if this relationship works then i have to be instant mommy to his child. gulp ! i don't think i can do that.. but after sharing this sistuation with some friends some of them give me positive responses. blerghhhh seriously i don't know....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

mood swings

yeah i admit. my mood swings from here to there and back here again lately. macam puting meliung! hehe ;p i just hate whenever it crossed my mind. it makes me feel that i'm not relevant and don't belong here. seems like im just a ball that u can kick everytime u want! goshhhh. am i that irrelevant to u guys? hoooooooo!!

n today, at the beginning i think my mood going to be okay but halfway it went haywire again! somebody who is a friend of mine just turned me down! i dont ask u for a money ok? im only asking ur effort, show me ur support! isnt it so hard to do? oh pls! grrrrrr !! i dont know how long im going to behave like this. i wanna be happy go lucky girl that i used to be. but in order to back to normal i have to get rid these feelings ASAP!!