Wednesday, April 1, 2009

new entry

okay. its been awhile since my last entry. well I'm going to express bout my feeling today. i hate myself now! is it possible for us as a human to hate ourselves? i don't know.. but being me, yeah this is what i feel.. I HATE MYSELF..
it simply because

1. i have no one. meaning is a BOYFRIEND.. i'm in the mid of 20's yet no one. not even a fling! pathethic!

2. no career. no job. it has been more than 4 months i stuck doing nothing! can u believe it? it's already april. i hate this!

well.. at this moment these two reasons makes me feel i'm such a hopeless,useless........argghhh. stop.

sorry if there is grammatical error or whatsoever. i'm here to improve my english instead of blogging only.

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DrSam said...

good thing come to those who wait. Just be patience cos every cloud has a silver lining.