Monday, August 23, 2010


haven't update for quite some time. been busy with things. yeah lame excuse. *sigh*
nothing much to update just want to express my feelings~ i dunno what to do anymore. my weight seems to be increasing day by day especially my tummy. feels like i'm pregnant! OMG am so embarrassed. but what should i do? even when i did my slimming treatment i can't see the differences!! urghhhh. but still i hope during this holy month i could lose a few kg's. amin...

Monday, August 9, 2010


it hurts a LOT when people told you that u are gemuk! instead of saying other people gemok, why don't you use a decent word something like " hey miss u put on weight huh?''. that's probably won't hurt her feeling as much as the word gemok !! one more thing, when u gained kg, u eventually will become very sensitive over body image issues. its true. so plsssss~ plus normally the word gemok will come from skinny girl. ye la aku tau la ko kurus !! sakit hati tau tak... can u respect org lain?? betul la, the truth HURTS !!