Wednesday, September 9, 2009

long silence-090909

hey peeps...

ade yang misses me tak? hehe.
sorry for not updating...! been busy and super duper lazy!! huhu. yeah. this is not my primary blog. so i spend most of my time dekat my primary la.. which is.. haih. cannot tell la. if i tell then this blog no longer anonymous! haha.

so what i've been up to? nothing much. still the same routine... work n work.. more shopping.. put on weight.. haih.. dunno la. oh ya in my previous entry i mentioned about getting a new boyfie rite.. but it turned out i still single. i cant get along with him. baru 30mins borak kt ym yet he's getting on my nerves!

then this month is the 3rd months i've been working here. and i already started searching a new job. hehe.. mmg plan macam tu. sbb this job macam stepping stone for me. but it dosen't mean i take this job for granted. i still perform my level best.. and so far memang i pun top performer! yeay ;) i have to look for better option coz with the salary that i earn now, there's not much i can do. the basic is cukup2 for me every mth since i dnt have any commitment melainkan bg parents, ptptn and pay for my streamyx. simpan ade la sikit. and dpt shopping pon sikit. so i have to earn at least rm2k if want to have my own car. thats why i kne cr keje lain.. mintak2 tuhan murahkan rezeki.. i've been eyeing to join govt since forever.. hopefully my dream come true soon. i do really hope that 2010 gonna be my lucky year! yeah.. positive!!

ok lah.. enough rambling for today..

its not too late for me to wish all muslims

selamat menjalani ibadah puasa


selamat menyambut hari raya aidilfitri

p/s: thanks dr sam for all ur comments! i really appreciate it!