Thursday, September 16, 2010

Eid Mubarak

salam Eid Mubarak to all & Selamat Hari Malaysia!

how's raya everyone? mine was okay. nothing more nothing less. but there's one thing that is more, i've gained more than i should! urghh. i seem can't stop munching raya cookies + rice + or any dishes made by mom. or maybe it just PMS. yes. i used to eat more when it (my menses) comes. when it comes to food i opt for more but when it comes to exercise i opt for less! that's explain clearly why i've this serious body image issue.. hmmmm. but let's put aside this never ending issue for a while. i wanna blog about other things. as my preious entry published regarding the question, yesss as expected! blerghh. it makes me sick! really. i just can't handle it anymore but can't avoid it since it came from my aunties & uncles mouth! furthermore pak ude nearly become a matchmaker! he offered me his colleague, a teacher from kedah. when he asked whether i'm interested to get to know him, i just can't answer. i don't have a heart to say yes YET! but what makes me going nuts is, my mom already started to complain today! she said what am i waiting for? why i turned down pak ude's offer, bla bla bla! omg. how can i answer that? this is definitely not 1st time me being matchmaking by others. in fact my mom had been trying to matchmake me with two guys, and obviously it dosen't work! so did my cousin. my friends and the list goes on. i just too tired for all this. i always pray for this to happen in my doa. i just hope GOD will grant this wish of mine soon ;))

Thursday, September 2, 2010

question during HARI RAYA

feels like wanna quit and be a fulltime housewife. but to whom? i don't have a husband YET. i'm so sick to think about this over and over again. arghhh. this coming raya, i'm VERY sure everybody will ask the same question which i don't have the answer. wish i can answer your question but too bad its beyond my control. i better prepare a good answer for that so there will be no more question being asked later. HAHA ;p yeah i know i'm getting older but who am i to tell when am going to get married? people will say that i am too choosy or picky. but i believe in order to be choosy or picky there's must be a list to be chosen right? but taaadaaaa there's no list okay. so how come they say i am choosy? blerggghhh !!