Saturday, March 13, 2010

i really hate this!!

i am so sad..
rasa down sgt.. i admit.. it was wrong.. diorg semua da sabar lama agaknye smpai personally give that damn letter. but how am i supposed to live after almost 10 yrs mmg sentiasa ada KUCING di rumah??
i hate this feeling.. how i wish those cats just disappear.. it will make life so much easier.
i prefer them hilang/mati rather than me have to buang them kat mane2. its not easy ok after we treat them as our family member. BUKAN SENANG!! in fact my dad had done this last month. die buang 5cats altogether. me n my mom nangis lah.. and miracle does happen... 2 ekor kucing besar berjaya balik ke rumah ok!!

cant think straight right now!!