Friday, February 20, 2009

once again

for once again i wanna share what's inside me..
i feel so stressed currently. what's make me to feel this way? nah! too many okay. everything seems to be not fall into place! oh GOD.. how long i must endure this? i know this is one of the test that i have to go trough in life yet i feel lousy for having such problems! furthermore i have no one to turn to. no one willing to lend their shoulder for me to lean. i am hopeless!! i am very vulnerable lately, easily influenced by anything! yeah.. anything. even when i listen to a song, it can make me cry.. not to mention when i was in difficult position. arrrgghhhh.. :(


DrSam said...

be strong girl! You are still young and life is full choices. choose the colorful one.

m i s s - a n o n y m o u s said...

thanks dr sam.
i appreciate it