Thursday, April 9, 2009


okay now i'm in dilemma. if before this i kept thinking about working and have a boyfriend but now it change. huhu. i just discover that one of my bestie during high school is might be leaving to scotland this sept for study. suddenly i feel so envy! yeah. envious. i want to study or working OS too! i burst into tears. i feel so hopeless, again! don't know how many times i kept thinking me being such a looser! huhu. then i google about how to further study abroad. i came accross a few forums which discussed about this. but it leads me nowhere. still don't know whether i am qualified or not. i just discover that i have to take IELTS exam. i also hit british council website. and i found that if i want to do MBA i have to at least have experience. oh.. i don't know about that. i read about the requirements.. hurm.. in a nutshell i don't think i am qualified yet... I want to do MBA maybe major in finance or Islamic Banking.. but don't know yet. it only take 1 year for me to complete my MBA. so i have come to conclusion that I will do my MBA when i married! by that time i might be experienced (more than what i am now) and i have clearer picture what i want to focus on and at the same time i am more matured. Amin.

p/s: i want to do my MBA here.


DrSam said...

the best thing is to go personally to British Council for example, and discuss with their official on your plan. It is not as complicated as you may expected.

My personal opinion - it is best to pursue your ambition now, while you are still 'bujang' with less family commitment.

Best of luck!

m i s s - a n o n y m o u s said...

thank you dr!
really appreciate ur opinion :)
will think about it.

but still
i think nak buat ACCA dulu baru pursue MBA..