Friday, July 17, 2009


holla peeps.

was thinking to update more often here. but i'm so lazy these days.. plus tired. workplace, so far ok. well i'm not really in the right place as now in the midst of training. but fellow here is cool! me likey ;) its just a week but i felt like know them ages ago... ! and above all i've been assigned as a team leader! how cool is that? heee ;) but it comes with greater responsibilty, more works, etc..

hey if u noticed i kept babbling about how unlucky i am by not having a BF! but it's not anymore... no no no.. don't get me wrong.. i don't have any YET.. but i do have friends who wants to match me with someone, and there is a person who interested to know me better in fb and so on...
meaning there is a possibility that i'm gonna have a BF soon.. i hope so.. being me who is very shy and lack of confident, hard to find one! wish me luck people.. daa~

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DrSam said...

congrat for getting a job recently. You are really lucky considering the gloomy economy situation right now.

Good luck in your soul searching!