Wednesday, April 21, 2010

nowhere to run :(

me n family have to move out from our house to.... dont know yet? it such a short notice tho. dunno where to go. can u imagine? its not that kami xde rumah.. its just the house that my mom bought dkt kg.. whereas my dad still working here. cmne plak nk blk kg kan? sumore rumah yg ade kt kl ni too small for us 1 family. flat 2 bilik je pon. tu my parents buat as investment...
so where to go now?
im definitely not at ease now. pening ok mane kami nak pergi. i dnt want to stay out of kl..
da biase dok kl. plus my treatment still on which is in TS. so kalo pndah jauh2 ssh la nk pegi. da la every weekend.

to whom it may concern.. ko xde rase kesian ke? xpe la hari ni hari kami. esok luse ko kne br tau.. ALLAH maha adil...

on the other note
it has been more than a month :( only 1 cat manage to go home.
ADIK, i miss u teribbly~

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