Friday, December 3, 2010

white flag

Remember my last entry a few days ago? How determine I am to not stay close with those so-called friends? but nah! I just can't. Hatiku lembik dan sangat lembut. One of them PM-ed me to inform that she's getting engage end of this month! That's what we've been wishing for all this while. I just don't have the heart to turn down her offer. well, yeah that's me. Masa tengah emo bukan main janji macam-macam. HEHE. well friends will always be friends kan? Even thought I felt unappreciated but I guess I just have to let it go. As what you said dear, it's better to keep our heart free and easy right? Thanks to you ;)) So I raise my white flag~

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Ciao Annin-sama said...

Yup, friends will always remain as friends :) Give and take, patient and break. I know you could do this :) It might be our not so lucky moments of unhappeeness, but the wonders will come to us soon! Do not have to worry, do not put your heart on the hard way.

Just chill out and have a good moments of yours! You could create it though hehe! Jom! :D